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Assessments are now over. You now have full access to your blog posts again. This was the first year I’ve introduced a blog for students (read more here) Continue reading

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Close ups of wood after burning

I was waiting for a fire I had lit and had been filming to finish so I could scrape the ash out when I saw that there was still a lot happening in the remains of the fire.

Close Up: 1
YouTube Preview Image

Close up: 2
YouTube Preview Image

Close up: 6
YouTube Preview Image

Close up: 16
YouTube Preview Image

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Life at Waitrose

Now the assessments and course are over, my life as an artist and how I go about each day will surely be quite different. I heard back from all the universities I applied to and unfortunately didn’t get my first choice – Goldsmiths, so I won’t be going this year. I will defer and perhaps go to Chelsea or Goldsmiths next year but as for now my plans involve a lot of travelling. I will spend 6 weeks working on organic farms in the South of France this summer and then from September studying education informally and being a teacher assistant in Canada. I am a little apprehensive, I don’t really know what to expect.. and I feel it is definitely the more scary option – trying out a new higher education gap year in a country I have never been to, perhaps by myself – instead of going to a university for three years to study something I am not sure about somewhere I am not sure I want to be. I like a challenge. Continue reading

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Nigerian Praise Performance

This is a video of me dancing to an Nigerian praise song I chose this particular song because I wanted to show how I give praise to God through dance. I also made my own dress that I would be dancing in for the show I didn’t want to get African fabric and make the dress from this because it wouldn’t be my own work. I made this dress out of satin fabric and sewed on colourful beads, buttons, roses and bows to create a pattern effect I also made various shapes and patterns out of lino so that I could print on the dress. I didn’t use block printing ink because you cannot get a range of colours to use so I decided to use acrylics instead because I mixed the different colours together to create a random colour. During my performance things may go wrong but its ok because that’s part of the process. Bits of the dance are improvised and the rest is a set dance. I am also going to wear African fabric on my head to create a head tie, as I wanted to still bring in the fabric in to my performance.

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Final Installation with sound

I brought a Dictaphone into the woods, and took several sound recordings of a variety of things that I heard on my visit. The sounds reflected the woods perfectly, and i wanted to incorporate this into my installation to bring all the elements together; I have created Sydenham woods in a range of mediums. My project initially was concerned with how I could manipulate my viewers senses in a similar way to Parreno’s exhibit at the Serpentine.

I think that the use of this sound piece will help me achieve this goal, as I have manipulated the original recordings on final cut pro to create something more eerie and surreal. Certain sounds were highlighted and repeated to create this atmosphere, such as bird noises and children playing. To help me visualise what my installation is going to be like I have placed the recordings ontop of the sketch up design.

See animation here:

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YouTube Preview Image

Short Clip of F. W. Muenau, 1922, Nosferatu. Like the slides of text to explain the action in this silent film

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The Quay Brothers

YouTube Preview Image

Sort clip on The Streets of Crocodiles. Like the the darkness of the film, as well as having a score of music to go with the action.It reminds me of old fashioned silent films

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Videos used for inspiration.

Like the plaster cine characters and the way sound has been used in the background other than the dialogue, creating a more realistic environment

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Project Proposal

The objective for the project is to look at the convergence of the fantastical meeting reality in storytelling.

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Final day 7 April !

The Digital media suite is only open for emergency’s tomorrow 11- 4pm, I will be in to help complete digital installations, all editing and printing should have been completed by now. Please return all equipment by 4pm. You can print your blog index out showing all your post listed, this will help the assessment team navigate your online content.


Well done everyone!

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