Domestic photography – Simryn Gill

A collection in the Tate Modern by photographer Simryn Gill. Dalam is a reference to both the architectual space and an inner place. Gill has photographed randomly selected homes – the collection refelects not only the spaces and the individual decor, but also the artists interaction with the strangers she encounted. this i think is important to the peice. the contrast to the randomness of the initial selection of the homes, to the constant methodology used for taking the photos – always focusing on a common area within the household – living room is very domestic, familiar etc.

the large series is varied yet also simaltaneous. the theory behind the work is similar to mine in the way that there is difference between each image, there is a scenery which many people can familiarise with even though it is not their own. the action and scenery in my photographs of my dad sitting, reading, drinking in a kitchen is familiar yet distant to a viewer. however, unlike mine, there is distance between the photographer and the photos aswell as the viewer and the photos in Gill’s collection. Gill does not know the living rooms she captures, or the people it belongs to, unlike me, who DOES know the subject in my photographs.

Gill’s large collection makes me feel like i should know the houses, and should be familiar with the scenery. the photography is simple and could easily fit into a family photo album. the collection is quite overwhelming, and at first i remember wondering what the aim of this it was, but after reading the caption i think the methodology behind the practical is very interesting. like my peice, the photos themselves are not actualy very inspiring. it is the relationship between the photo and the veiwer, photographer, owner, or whoever it is, that is interesting.

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